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About Us

We love music, We love coding and to make the best use of this potent mix, We are developing an Online System to spread the joy of music and related media, around the world.

Music is our message to you!

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Media Encoding


Media Management


Our Services

Media Cataloging

We sift through media and use our web based tools to provide some paid and free services to connect the Artists to You and You to the Artist. Our Cataloging services are much like that of a Librarian..

Yet more like digital librarians, We manage a wide range of media, though for brief time we will be focusing our efforts on music.

Media Encoding

We have put a lof of time and effort into researching various means of making media easily accessible to anyone in the world, through the power of the internet.

Utilizing some specialized technologies, we are able to push the boundry in the formating and encoding of multimedia.

Media Management

We utilise some of the best tools and platforms, to provide media management on a global scale.

Imagine, tuning into the world around you, with just a click. In only a few moments, Media can be shared with people around the block and around the world.

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